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Outdoor weddings are always amazing, beautiful and breathtaking. The cost for outdoor weddings is substantially higher considering all the extra’s you will have to pay for. Firstly the most important thing you need to consider is the exact time you have the outdoor venue; this will be key as most of your vendors will need to come 1 day prior to set up (Tents, Catering, and Sound System etc.). This may add to your budget as you may need the rent the venue for ½ a day prior to the wedding + hire a security guard to watch the set up all night to avoid damage.
Other factors you need to consider are the cost would be substantially higher. Your catering costs are higher since the caterer will bring their full kitchen to the venue to ensure food is made fresh. You have tents to consider, sound system, tables and chairs, risers, linen, décor, washrooms, hand wash stations and much more.

Outdoor weddings are always magical but always remember (compared to an indoor venue) everything will need to be brought in to create that ambiance in an outdoor setting.
Are Destination Weddings popular with South Asian Couples?

Destination Weddings are becoming the new trend very quickly in the South Asian Community. Couples and families are using weddings as a way to get a way and have an intimate wedding and have a family reunion at the same time.

The # 1 hotspot for couples is Cancun, Mexico. The beauty, ease of travel and fantastic resorts is a hit with couples. The hotels in Mexico are also well aware of this new trend of South Asians wanting a Traditional Wedding in Paradise; they are beginning to cater to the Indian Market specifically. A few of these hotels are Hard Rock Hotel, Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort and the Karisma Resorts.

The guests usually pay for their own air / hotel however it is always nice to have a welcome basket with a note saying how much you appreciate them coming the distance for your wedding.

Some items for the basket could be water bottles, sunscreen, snacks and perhaps a voucher for one meal on you.

Do your research on line and contact the hotel; since your wedding is in a foreign country you have to ensure you have all the details before you book. Happy Planning!

About the Author
Harprit Patel is a Certified Senior Wedding Consultant with Always & Forever Weddings. She specializes in planning and executing large South Asian Weddings / Events in the Lower Mainland & Destination Weddings.