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Vancouver based wedding coordinator Harprit Patel dedicates her life to creating happy endings for Sikh, Hindu and Muslim couples. South Asian weddings are celebrations of light and love — a once in a lifetime event that should be perfect. Through uncompromising attention to detail, Harprit works with couples to achieve fairytale endings. Her companies’ philosophy is to go above and beyond your expectations to ensure your dreams become your most cherished memories.
One of my most memorable weddings this year was Anu and Sebreena’s wedding. It was not only the joining of 2 people but 2 religions (Hindu and Ismaili). From the moment I spoke to Sebreena on the phone I knew she would be a wonderful person to work with. From the moment we all met we all hit it off – it was just so comfortable working with the both of them. They explained all the Ismaili traditions to me by sending me detailed emails and sending me YouTube videos. It was our first Ismaili wedding so we wanted to make sure everything was perfect and that every cultural aspect of the wedding was followed flawlessly.
The Wedding was a beautiful Ismaili wedding at the wonderful Royal King Palace. Everything went as scheduled. Sebreena looked amazing wearing a rhinestone encrusted white sari – absolutely breathtaking. Once the ceremony was over guests went out into the foyer and enjoyed Sherbet and Appetizers as the A & F Team shut the doors behind them and turned the wedding venue into a reception venue.
The turnaround time between turning ½ the hall from a wedding venue to a reception venue was less than 2 hours but; with the help of staff at Royal King Palace and the décor team from Art of the Wedding we made it happen. We turned everything around, added all the extra tables, and decorated in record time to turn the place into a fabulous reception venue – just as Anu and Sebreena wanted.

Everything at the reception went off without a hitch – the venue was amazing – the atmosphere was oodles and oodles of romance. From the ceremony to the food, from the décor to the dancing it was picture perfect. Both families were such a pleasure to work with – they enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Anu and Sebreena were extremely happy – it was such a pleasure working with them on this special day and we are so thankful they chose us to be there Wedding Planners. We only wish Anu and Sebreena a lifetime of romance and happiness.
Harprit Patel

Senior Wedding Consultant
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