Harprit Patel is the founder and head coordinator of Always & Forever Weddings. Certified by the International Institute of Weddings, Harprit’s approachable demeanor and eye for style allow her to really connect with couples and execute their unique visions flawlessly.

Harprit’s career as wedding coordinator in Vancouver began by assisting friends and family with their weddings. She quickly realized most people don’t have the time and knowledge necessary to plan weddings—especially Indian weddings.

With an extraordinary eye for detail and knowledge of different Indian ceremonies, including Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim, Harprit’s team of wedding coordinators in Vancouver help couples achieve fairytale endings.  “South Asian weddings are uncommonly beautiful,” says Harprit. “It’s traditional to put on a show no one will ever forget. But so many couples don’t know where to begin. They turn to their friends and family for help—people with no more experience than themselves.” The  result is often conflict, tension, and stress.

“Hiring a planner is an affordable solution that allows families to enjoy the time leading up to a wedding. Additionally,” adds Harprit,  “A&F Wedding Coordinators in Vancouver are trained to work within your budget and negotiate deals on your behalf. On average, we can reduce wedding expenses by about 30%.”

With a background in hospitality and industry training by the internationally recognized Linda Kevich, Harprit effortlessly consults, coordinates, and collaborates. Budgets and time lines become a cinch, resulting in flawless ceremonies your guests will love—almost as much as you do.

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