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Nicky & Mo

Nicky & Mo

When I met the lovely couple for the first time – they were a breath of fresh air.  They were so excited for their wedding and their main concern was with it being a mixed wedding they wanted to ensure the family was aware of each others customs and everything at each ceremony was performed respectfully by everyone involved.  Another concern was that they would have 2 ceremonies and 1 of the ceremonies would fall on the day of the reception – so timing was very important and ensuring everyone was on the same page (vendors & family).

We ensured we were transparent with the vendors and the couple to make sure that the Sikh Wedding went well and on time.  The main logistical part came on the day of the western ceremony followed by the reception. We had to ensure we started on time as the reception was the same day and the drive would be from UBC to Downtown Vancouver.   We had done our full rehearsals all ready at UBC so everyone was aware of what they were doing.

The wedding went beautifully and finished on time.  The family all made it to the reception on time where amazing food & entertainment was waiting for them.  The family was very happy they didn’t have to do anything and it was all taken care of by our team.


Wedding Venue 1: Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple | Wedding Venue 2: UBC Rose Garden

Reception Venue: Westin Bayshore | Make Up & Hair Artist: Jayna Marie / Fancy Face

Transportation: Boss Limo in Surrey | Florist: Surrey Flowers | Décor: Universal Decor

Popcorn: Party Works Interactive | Wedding Caterers: Maharaja Caters
Photographer & Videographer: Fine Pixel | Wedding Planners: Always & Forever Weddings

DJ: Decibel Entertainment | Entertainment: Harpist / Singer & Pianist / Live Painters

Cake: Sweet Affairs | Mehndi Artist: Fatima’s Mendhi & Art Salon
Tent Company: NOOR PARTY RENTAL | Hotel: Westin Bayshore

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